What a Game Changer

I’ll admit I don’t have that many plants, mostly because I don’t want to take the time to care of them. If I have plants, they must be impossible to kill (like succulents). They’re cute and fun to brighten up a room (or event). Also, I learned that if you put succulents in your bathroom, the plants with absorb the steam from taking a shower its water supply needs. Who knew!? ‍‍

With all that being said, the BIGGEST reason to love plants is that they promote productivity! Nobody wants to work in a boring workspace anyways, but there’s plenty of recent research on how plants can actually increase productivity by 15%. So cuddle your cacti close and get ready for some more tips from the productivity queen.

Environments where you can see a plant, you are more psychologically engaged, promoting happiness and stronger work output. His series of studies focused on adding plants into offices to see how these plants would affect the team members. As a result of adding plants to the work environment, memory retention and productivity increased. When you’re happy, you’re productive!

Not only did the addition of plants to the workplace increase productivity, but team members also displayed increased creativity by 45%. As a wedding & event designer and entrepreneur, a huge part of my value is to be creative in designing for each client and taking on new challenges. People are most creative in lively and bright environments, so adding plants to the mix is a win-win for everyone (well unless your allergic to them!).

I think we could all agree that we are happiest and most productive when we are comfortable. With that being said, choosing plants that you like will help boost your energy and comfortability. Personally, I like air plants, or plant that get most of their nutrients from the air. They’re SO easy (and unique: no two are alike). Regardless of your favorite plant, oxygenating the air you breathe brings you greater satisfaction, relaxation, and comfort to GSD (get shit done)!

Mental Bonus
A college senior from the chilly state of Wisconsin shared that her love for plants stemmed an effort to get a hold of her mental health and stay positive in the cold winter months. She shared that taking care of plants encouraged her to take care of herself. Psychologists suggest having healthy outlets to dedicate care and attention to daily, whether it’s working out, talking to friends, or taking care of plants. Plants add oxygen, color, and decoration to your room or office all while increasing your concentration and productivity.

Home Sweet Home
According to a recent study conducted at Harvard, plants were proven to not only impact our professional life, but also stand as a key player in sleep habits and well-being at home. We all know that it’s hard to sleep and relax in this crazy busy stimulating industry. However, “green-certified” offices produce healthier and more productive team members. In fact, a green environment boosts cognition by 26% and sleep quality by 6%. Whether it’s time to head to the local greenhouse or, in my case, take home succulents left over from an event (which is what i did!), incorporating green life into the workspace is always a great idea to boost productivity and mental clarity.

Thank you for reading! If you missed the last productivity blog, be sure to check it out here!

This blog was written by Lauren Ringo
Photo: Erin Allander

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