What is Growth Hacking?



Have you heard of Bogdan Constantin of Menguin?  If not and you are looking for the best way to maximize growth hacking, you should look him up!  I recently met him when we spoke on a panel together at the WedTech Conference and he got me thinking!

How do you utilize your brand and digital advertising to scale your business profitability? If you're anything like me this is not something that I sit around and think about all the time, however it's really important to keep up in this day and time in order to grow your business from year to year and keep up with this ever fast-paced industry.  So if you're asking yourself what exactly is growth hacking?

It is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective efficient ways to grow your business.  For example, testing check out buttons; in terms of the shape, size, color, text, and so forth.  Great packing up plus anything that involves the customer process. From the images that you were using, colors of the font, the type of text,It is an inner active process that touches the the customer journey which is noted above in this picture.

So let me get geeky on you for a moment with acronyms:
-CAC: Cost per acquisition means how much it cost to acquire a paying customer
-CPA: This is not your accountant (LOL!) this means cost per account, how much it costs to acquire an account fo your site

So by building a repeatable scalable process you must analyze, ideate, prioritize, and TEST and continue the cycle until you figure out what your audience responds to best.  And have fun with it!  Running contest and offering wine or dinner for the winner is always fun!  I always loose!

A few things to start with:
-Google Analytics
-Create a sales funnel by capturing emails (mailchimp, my emma, etc)

Wondering where to use this?  Try Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on! And the thing to know by platform is when exactly to post on each of them, because it's a different conversation on all the platforms.

Next Steps: Start Small, Focus on reviews, get in where you fit in within the wedding industry.

To see the full presentation, click here!

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