What To Do When Your Business Needs You – JMVO Weekly Primer Ep 41 w Angela Proffitt

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I had the honor recently to be a guest on Jim McCarthy's podcast the JMVO Weekly Primer!

Angela Proffitt didn’t become one of the most successful wedding and event planners in the country by lack of grit and elbow grease. Her personal record for weddings planned and executed in a year stands at over 200 with her being personally involved at almost every level.

“I would go for 4-5 days of no sleep….and showers! I just worked and worked because I loved what I was doing. But my business couldn’t exist without me and that was quickly becoming a problem.”

Angela is a true entrepreneur, wedding and events expert, productivity therapist, motivational speaker and a savvy designer. Yes, she wears many hats. After learning how to truly work on her business, she now brings that valuable knowledge to other entrepreneurs. Her background in psychology has enabled a key understanding how to connect with people.

In other words, she has the battle scars that allow her to be a true coach to you.

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