Where’s Your Content Living? Facebook??

The next big thing coming up this year for marketing your business is OTT, Geofencing and Retargeting. We will be talking about it in a free class coming up on February 11, 2019.

One of the big topics we learned last year is how Facebook is owning all of your marketing content. For a recap to tips to owning own keep reading!

Facebook groups are a great way to reach a large group of people since Facebook is where many people are, but this does not mean that is were the highest engagement is. I would caution you to be aware of 2 things:

*Ownership of content

*Where you store your content

Facebook is seen as a second website these days according to statistics, I do feel like even if you don’t plan to boost or target market it is still good to have a facebook page and to keep it active for your followers.

This is a very sore subject for me because I personally have lost everything because I didn't know what I didn’t know. Facebook rewards people who upload direct content and videos, in terms of how people see your content. But A couple lessons I’ve learned is that if they change an algorithm or if they change a plug in, with the click of a button it can all be lost. Did i already mention this happened to me?

This was a time when my reviews/raves were hosted primarily on Facebook. It is hard enough in our industry for people to understand investing in their business since so many people are hobbyists, so my reviews are very important to me. I happened to be on my blog one day, we use it as an internal search engine and I noticed they weren’t loading.

I quickly spoke with my team, and bad news was delivered. Facebook changed the algorithms, and we couldn’t get our reviews and raves back. I’m not a crier but I cried and was quite angry.

It was a good lesson to understand that facebook was owning my content and they were/are in control not you. So be sure that everything you put on Facebook is somewhere else too.

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