Why do Opposites Attract?
Here comes episode 3 of my special podcast series of Weddings Unveiled to share my little nuggets of inspiration and information about the psychology methodology we use.  Click below to hear more!

So…let’s get a little real here. Have you ever used an online dating app? If you answered yes…have you ever used the app with your friends around? And if you answered no…well stick around because this a funny one.


So back to the [YES]. When you’re swiping left or right and reading the bio of your potential significant other, do you find that your friends are questioning who choose to “like” and who you choose to “pass” on?


Well friend, this goes well beyond the eye candy. There is a reason why Opposites Attract and the physical attraction is just one layer. And now that I have your attention, I promise this episode is not about dating apps or people who use them. But rather the psychology behind understanding why opposites attract, communicating with clients who are not like you and leveraging  both parties’ strengths to run a productive and profitable business.


But hey, who knows…maybe one day (probably not) but it was a fun analogy, right?


I see you, you’re amazing now let’s rock this business world together,



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Posted by Lauren Ringo

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