You’re Kind of a Big Deal by Erin King

You're Kind of a Big Deal by Erin King

Are you ready to live the life you were destined for? I've got the book just for you! You're Kind of a Big Deal by Erin King. She has been a guest on the Business Unveiled Podcast and I'm so excited to share her new book! Unlock your inner audacity and become the leader you were born to be. Click HERE to get your copy! 

We are often told that dreaming bigger and exuding confidence is the key to achieving professional success. While big dreams and confidence might get you started, they won’t fuel you throughout the marathon and over the finish line. In order to keep going through thick and thin, you need audacity.

You’re Kind of a Big Deal provides the strategies, tools, and inspiration you need to power up your potential, break free from limiting beliefs, and make your biggest dreams a reality. International keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur Erin King helps you step into the role of CEO of your own life and better execute your responses to challenging feedback from the world around you, so you can:

  • Move through any and all obstacles between you and your goals
  • Be more present, honest, and authentic in your professional and personal life
  • Increase your energy to take on the toughest challenges
  • Develop greater clarity on your place and purpose in life
  • Handle social settings and meet new people with a new sense of confidence
  • Drop the automatic negative thoughts and stay positive even in the face of adversity

You’re Kind of a Big Deal dares you to listen more closely to your intuition when it comes to pulling the trigger on big, courageous business decisions―even if those decisions might initially shock those in your orbit.

Get ready to finally break through all barriers standing between you and the goals you were born to absolutely crush because the fact is, You’re Kind of a Big Deal. Click HERE to get your copy! 


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