The 2016 Wedding Convention in Trinidad

Dear Angela,

It was a pleasure meeting you at The Wedding Convention in Trinidad this past Sunday. Some of the attendees were in disbelief that I traveled from New Jersey to Trinidad just to hear your presentation. My event planning business is my top priority and I will do what it takes to ensure growth and success even if it requires me flying to a foreign country for a business convention. Your outstanding presentation inspired me to elevate my business to the next level. The information I gained from attending this event was educational and rewarding. The highlight of my experience was when you took the time to have a private conversation with me about business tips and advice. Our conversation regarding implementing specific provisions in business contracts was one of the key elements I realize I need to improve on. Additionally, I was impressed by your animated and amicable personality. As I mentioned to you at the conference, your YouTube videos and webinars have been extremely informative and beneficial. I consider you as my virtual business coach. This industry can sometimes be competitive and at times difficult to find a top leading professional share tips and advice. Thank you for sharing your business expertise, experiences and encouraging entrepreneurs like me that it is possible to run a successful and profitable business. On Sunday you conveyed a very powerful message to me: “You Are Valuable!” The business anxieties, fears and discouragement I was facing were lifted once you said those powerful words. Thank you again for the information you shared and I look forward to attending more of your speaking presentations.

Serette Louissaint
Conceptions Events, LLC

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