Coaching Strategies + Helping Others

Look at how 2 hours of coaching can change your outcome:)  I had to share! So proud of you Tara for jumping on the change train! Your clients are going to love the new you! 

Good Morning Angela!

I want to thank you SOOOO much for taking time out to chat with me about my process! It was definitely an eye-opener and very beneficial to me and my company! I have been listening to a lot of podcasts you included and they are very helpful. 🙂 I have begun to implement a lot of changes to my business to include the following:
  • I have created a tracking program to keep up with the number of hours I am spending per couple
  • I am using that information to get an idea how to better charge my future clients
  • I am recreating my contract to include boundaries, which I am still trying to make things a bit more crystal clear (this is going to be more time consuming, but I am working hard on it as I write this to you.
  • I am working hard at trying to change my mindset on how to implement the NO texting No calling concept, this is a hard one to achieve, but I have begun to do it.
  • I have created an account with Setmore to have current and future brides to “book” appointments with me, for phone calls, appointments, vendor meetings, etc. (as mentioned above, it is a hard one).
  • I am working on my website to better qualify clients (I'm not sure how to do this one though)
  • I have begun a search for interns and the resumes are coming in 🙂
  • I have created a handbook for them and once we have our initial pre-qualifying phone call, I will send them the agreement
  • I have added a “BOOKING” link on my website so clients can book a consultation. I'm not sure if this is beneficial since I need to figure out how to pre-qualify them. :/
  • Social Media is my downfall, so I don't even know where to begin with that one.
  • Branding is still at the bottom of the list. A goal I am working towards once I nail down the above
Once again, thank you for your guidance, it means a lot to me!

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