Consulting Rave from ACS Roofing

When is the last time you updated your CV?  And if you have no clue what I mean, it's a fancy way to say resume.  If you are like me and own your own business, you probably don't think about keeping up with one of these.  I kind of keep my website up to date for that reason.  But it's actually a very healthy exercise to sit down at least annually and put your accomplishments on a pretty document.

Recently, I was asked to teach a zoom class when all of this COVID-19 stuff started to hit the US.  There were so many teams that were having to hit the ground running and didn't know a thing about zoom and how to work the platform.  When the owner, Adam of ACS asked if I could sent over a CV, I was excited to share with him that I had just updated mine; so wanted to share!  He sent it out to his team and cc'd me on the email and said…

This is the woman who will be helping us all become as good as we can be at selling/educating via video chat.  She’s got one hell of a resume and has made a very successful career out of online video, branding companies, creating world-class event spaces and teaching people how to get shit done. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow morning. Bring your best self and hone in on every detail of advice. This will be the beginning of making us better than most at conducting a meeting online. 
Best Regards,
Adam, owner of ACS”

What companies have you helped during COVID-19?   I would love to know how you are pivoting and doing something different?

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