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As we come to the end of 2019 and ring 🛎in the New Year ✨AND a new DECADE, I thought it would be fitting to celebrate the end of 2019 by sharing the top ten 🔟Podcast interviews 🎙from this past year, along with a quick summary of each.  Be sure you are a subscriber so you don’t miss the juicy details 🍾of Business Unveiled. Here we go for the countdown ⏰:

1. Shane McMurrayThe Wedding Report

In this episode, Shane McMurray, CEO of The Wedding Report shares the 3 areas you need to look at to plan, prioritize and get opportunities flowing, how to uncover missed opportunities and get the right stuff done.

2. Rachel SheerinThe Epidemic The Creative Industry & Burnout

In this episode, Rachel Sheerin, Happiness Speaker and Trainer of Rachel Sheerin shares the alarming rate we’re losing great hospitality and wedding professionals, what causes burnout in loving professionals and how to heal yourself when the joy is gone from your work and get back to loving your work, life and self!

3. Blake ChaffinLighting in the Event Industry

In this episode, Blake Chaffin, Owner of Nashville Event Lighting shares the elements needed to put together a well rounded team, how to use previous experiences to succeed in future opportunities and the difference in being busy and being productive.

4. Alan BergCreating the Business You Want to Have

In this episode, Alan Berg, CSP and Global Speaking Fellow of Alan Berg shares the 5 step method to communication, tips for adapting in an ever changing industry and how to recognize knowledge through experience.

5. Kathy ThomasLiving Out Your Calling

In this episode, Kathy Thomas, Owner of Kathy Thomas Photography shares how the events industry is “smoke and mirrors”, the importance of owning your own time and how the small details truly matter.

6. Judith BrightWhen Work Meets Passion

In this episode, Judith Bright, CEO and Designer of Judith Bright Jewelry shares the importance of a strong support network, the meaning behind specific gemstones and how to keep faith to overcome challenges, you WILL overcome.

7. Jim McCarthy: Finding Your Voice 

In this episode, Jim McCarthy, Media Coach and Content Creator of Jim McCarthy Voice Overs shares the value of having a strategy, how to find your best fit in the world of business and build your business to its greatest potential.

8. Bron Hansboro: Creating a Connection with Your Clients

In this episode, Bron Hansboro, Owner of The Flower Guy Bron shares being intuitive to connect with your clients, managing burnout to keep yourself full and whole and how to take a step back and ask yourself “who am I?” To find your passion and how you relate to others.

9. Michael MartinFarm to Table Cooking

In this episode, Michael Martin, Chef and Owner of South Fork Catering Co. shares the meaning of different kinds of foods, establishing relationships with great local vendors and to take opportunities as they come, you never know where they will take you.

10. Aja PriceHumanizing Social Media 

In this episode, Aja Price, Founder of Notably Gray shares the importance of compelling copy, where to start with a social media strategy and to look at your brand as the solution, the hero to a character who has a need.

10. Lisa Keyser: Uncovering Your Glow

In this episode, Lisa Keyser, RN and Aesthetician of Keyser Aesthetics shares your skin’s need for consistency, how to be cautious of products in different countries and why being well educated on your specific skin is crucial to healthy skin.

And Yes, there’s two #10’s-we had a tie! LOL! Remember, 2020 is YOUR year! YOUR year to Shine! 🌟Grow! 🌱Learn! 🧠 Level Up! 🎉


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