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It's letters and feedback like this that push me to be a better planner and designer every day of my life:)  Every time I read the subject line of this thank you form this mother of the bride just names me smile.  She is a wedding planner herself at her church in her home town, so it's so humbling what she shared below:


I just wanted to inform you that we have voted you the Best and Greatest Wedding Planner not only of Nashville, but also nationwide!  Seriously, we cannot adequately express our sincere appreciation for your in depth planning and all that it required of you to create the wedding that Jessica always dreamed of having.  When she told me her wedding day was all she ever dreamed it would be and more, I thought that was an astonishing achievement!  You made it possible!  Thank you! We have received so many comments and compliments on the entire day and wanted to share:
  • The cocktail hour in the bar area was so attractive.  Loved the draping, lighting and the seating guide.  All was placed very professionally.  The servers made the wine readily available as they passed on trays.  We really needed that to lessen the service at the bar.
  • The reception area was beyond breath taking!  The placement of the tables…using round and rectangular was so appealing.  The linens, china, glassware, gold flatware, napkin folds with menu inserts and lighting was perfect.  When we entered the reception room, our neighbor who is very creative and has experienced three of her own daughters’ weddings, came up to me and said “Deann, I am just blown away by this.”

Photo by Details Nashville at Marathon Music Works

  • I cannot say enough about the remarkable job Lauren did in her floral expertise.  I so appreciate the two of you working together to create such beautiful floral and greenery arrangements.  Loved all the hanging greenery and the greenery placed on the tables. It could have not been more beautiful!
  • Kudos to Chef’s Market.  The appetizers were phenomenal!  It was amusing to hear from different individuals of their favorite foods.  Even the blueberry cheese did not go unnoticed!  Feedback was that it was the best meal ever experienced at a wedding reception.  Food was tasty, served hot and the beef was so tender that it could be cut with a fork.  The servers walking in line to serve and remove each plate was impressive.  All the servers were very polite and professional.
  • Everyone noticed how the reception flowed.  How there was something always going on.  It was amusing when we were discussing the band with friends Sunday morning.  They did not realize the band had 3 breaks.  They thought one at the most.  And this was with younger friends.  The photo booth, cigar bar, music on band breaks, glow sticks all came timely and kept people engaged.

Photo by Details Nashville at Marathon Music Works

  • The bride and groom dance, father/ daughter, groom/mother, all the toasts, cake cutting was all planned so well.  It did not ever seem like there was a lull or that we were waiting for the next event to happen.
  • The bar remaining closed during dinner was a great idea.  I would have not thought of that.  It really kept guests seated during dinner.
  • Handling the musicians, getting them informed of verbal announcements, getting them in place, etc. is just another part of your job that was handled so well. I personally think Gypsy Hombres and The DMP Band could rival anyone in their music venue.
  • The Hot Dog stand was a big hit!  Thanks for getting the Disco Dogs lady and the iced down drinks in place.  Who knew that 100 hot dogs would be consumed?  Maybe Jessica!  So many thought that was so much fun.
  • Logistics-  You got everyone to the church, on to the reception and back to the hotels. Whew!  That in itself is a BIG  accomplishment!  I have to grin when I think of how you and Jessica introduced the idea of busing everyone to the church from the hotels. I questioned this and was so opposed to the idea.  OMG!  I did come around to realizing we were in Nashville and this was necessary.  I am grateful for your foresight on this.  It was so nice for all guests to get on the bus and be dropped off at the door.  it would have been a nightmare otherwise.  The rain factored in made it even more convenient.  When listing all the fun with the wedding, the bus rides were included as so much a part of the fun.  it is interesting to me that it was another source of putting people together socially.  People became more familiar with each other because they rode the bus together.
  • Dear Addie did an outstanding job in all of their print material.  They were so accommodating!  Thank you for your suggestions of signage at the church and being a part of the coordination of all that had to happen with placement of signs, programs, and menus.
  • I obviously have not gone in chronological order in listing the church ceremony last. The church ceremony was beautiful.  So many people came up to us to specifically say that it was the best church wedding ceremony that they have ever witnessed.  Aaron explained the purpose of marriage as Christ designed it.  I cannot paraphrase it effectively to you.  I hope to get a copy of his message from him.  I know we will have it on video.  The string music and the vocal duet were beautiful.  The hanging greenery archways down the aisle showed your expert touch.   I trust you have received my responding email to Jan.  She has communicated with me this morning in a very nice email- did not see you included in this.  We can verbally cover anything we need to Friday on the phone.
  • I probably have missed some things, but please know we appreciate all of your efforts and they do not go unnoticed.  You work exceedingly hard and hear a lot of complaints and continue to smile through all of it.  Your expertise and detail is so unusual to find in a wedding planner service. I am so grateful Jessica found you and that you were available for our wedding date.  It was a God send!  I will share with you that my oldest brother called me after the wedding. ( This is the brother we reserved the table for during the cocktail hour.)  He is extremely conservative with his money.  He said he did not know how all of the coordination happened.  He said, “ Deann, you could have not ever done that without a wedding planner.  Whatever the cost was, it was worth every penny.”  If Ron can recognize that, you have done your job!  Ha!
Thank you is inadequate, but I know you realize we mean it.  I wanted to cover the large part of our thanks by email as I would not possibly get it all covered in a phone call.

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