Rave: Experience Shadowing Wedding



We loved having Callie Heatherly of Callie Elyse Events come and shadow one of our weddings this past fall! We are so proud of you Callie and all of the hard work you put in and how far you have come in your business! Keep reading to see shadowing this wedding from Callie's point of view!

I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to come shadow!! It was a whirlwind, as most event days are! I have known it would be beneficial for me to invest in a monitor system for quite some time now, so after seeing what kind of walkie-talkies you use it helped! The importance of a strong team who knows what their role is, is vital. So after seeing how yours works, it really has me thinking on who I should invest in when it comes to building my team up. I’ve got some ideas on where to start just need to solidify the details of it all.

I’m quite OCD, so it made me laugh when I discovered just how much you are as well and made me feel a tad better when I’m asking people to shift a table by a half inch! Hahaha as far as how you run the day, it was actually a confidence booster because I run mine very similar. There wasn’t a time in the day where I thought, ‘ohh, I should try that differently.’ Which is very encouraging.

I cannot express enough to you how excited I am that A) I found you and we were connected! Massive blessing and B) how much growing this next year is going to be. I’m looking forward to breaking through the bigger budget barriers, so I can do less for more money. I know it takes some time and getting my name out there! Thank you so much! – Callie Heatherly, Callie Elyse Events

Photo Credit: Matt Andrews Photography

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