Rave: Mother of the Bride

Such a sweet review below following her daughters beautiful wedding weekend!

The words “Thank you”  don’t even come close to express how we feel as to what you, Amanda planner and your entire team did this past weekend. Our family wedding was nothing short of a magical fairytale.

It was everything Amanda bride and Jon wanted, dreamed of and hoped for and everything Charlie and I wished for for our children.

Your patience, kindness, patience, creativity, kindness, flawless execution, optimism, patience (see a theme here), generosity, calm in the face of a bow crisis, love, openness, vision, and everything in between was more than we ever could have wished for. We know you wanted everything beautiful and special for our daughter, just as we did.

As I said quite frequently, I don’t know how you do this all the time but after the feeling of pure joy I had this weekend, I can only imagine how full your hearts must be after every single event you design. Our hearts were full. Our souls were smiling.

I will miss all of you and your happy demeanor, your calm presence and your artistic talents. You are all true artists and anyone who has the honor to have the team at Angela Proffitt behind them is truly blessed.

With love, gratitude and many many thanks.
Laurie and Charlie Rule
(And the entire Rule crew)

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