Rave: Productivity Hacks with Jones Therapy

I had the honor of meeting with the team at Jones Therapy to introduce them to my latest, greatest productivity hacks! Some of which include time saving tips, email strategy, calendar tips, video texting and utilizing all of the resources in google drive and dropbox. Take a look at some of the feedback from the group below! Are you looking for a way for your team to be more productive and profitable? Reach out to us today!

*I appreciated that the information was presented quickly and clearly. Angela did a great job! Loved the idea to compile community resources!

*Great speaker! Angela was super sweet and fun. I enjoyed breaking up into groups to discuss concerns and ask questions with colleagues we don't always see and bounce ideas off each other.

*The content presented by the Angela was interesting and actionable. I'm already utilizing some of the productivity strategies presented. I also really enjoyed the information presented regarding productivity and procrastination. Really awesome content!

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