Rave: True Colors International

What a thoughtful rave from one of our favorite True Colors Coaches!


Angela,  I just read your 5 “Proffitt” pieces and loved them.  Your integration of True Colors was magnificent!  As I read through them, two thoughts came to mind.  I share because, as an Orange/Blue, it struck me (Orange) and my desire to share (Blue) overtook me.

First, the importance of introversion and extroversion with your Brides and their families.  This is an important concept because as you share your product with people, how they get their energy influences their decision making.

Second, I love your four cuts of the gemstone to represent the four types.   I like gemstone colors myself but the cuts were innovative. 

I love your work…creative, integrative, and adding value to people's life.  You are a joy to know.



Barry Waite

True Colors Coach

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