Photo by Details Nashville at Hutton Hotel at Analog

Hey Angela and Amanda,

I know my mom has already shared our thanks, but I wanted to personally take time to connect now that we are back from the honeymoon and settling into normalcy!

An email or an online review can in no way adequately express how grateful I am to have had you throughout the wedding planning process. Literally every single person we talked to has said how perfect and amazing and FUN our wedding was – and we agree. If anything went amiss, I had no clue, and Jeremy and I had such a great time b/c we didn't have to worry about any details and we got to focus on hanging with our friends and family – it was just amazing.

Beyond just making our actual day-of so seamless, it was a real joy to work with you leading up to the wedding. Your process makes perfect sense, and I was SO grateful to have your guidance in vendor choice, organization, keeping track of payments and deadlines, communicating on my behalf to make sure our vision was executed… there is no way on earth I could have made any of this happen on my own.

We loved getting to know you throughout the process and appreciate your always positive outlook, ability to think on the fly, your creative mind, and your OCD organized nature. Thank you for helping manage my mom and her expectations – you probably saved a family meltdown more than once 🙂

Also – please feel free to share our photos and story and want anyone out there to see how awesome our day was! Use our pics, use our names, whatever… we don't care!

Again – it just doesn't seem like an email is enough, but it'll have to do for now. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! We can't wait to see our pics and video and share with you!

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