Technology. It WILL Change Your Life
I am living is enormous gratitude to you for spending that marathon day with me.  You are an amazing person and I am so glad to be connected with you.
I want you to know, I am in iCal transition and am actually wrapping up with the full transfer from paper calendar to iCal.  I am asking Siri to help me remember things, add events to my calendar, notes, etc. this has been life changing!!!  Siri and I are in a serious relationship right now and I love it.
All of my new swiping and 4 fingers etc are also amazing. I have 3 desktops open as we speak- one for each event I worked on today.  That was amazing advice.  I showed my husband some of the MacBook tricks you taught me and he thinks you are a genius.  Almost everything has been moved successfully to Dropbox and my desktop is clean!  Hubby is thrilled.
I thought of you last week when I spilled a drink on my MacBook.  Terrible of course, it is toast, but….I was fully backed up and the computer is insured and so the only thing I lost was the time spent filing the claim.  Woop!!  Grateful for your Dropbox and Google docs systems!!  But I lost NOTHING and didn't even have to pay for date recovery- woop!!!  You should sell your coaching as an insurance package!
xoxo, Carrie

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