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“By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”

Hi GSD Leaders! I recently had the incredible opportunity to speak at the World Romance Travel Conference in Colombia, hosted by the International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals (IADWP). This event was a perfect blend of business and catching up with old friends (and making new ones), allowing me to explore the beautiful regions of Quindio and Cartagena while sharing insights on how AI, specifically ChatGPT, can transform businesses.

In this blog, I'll highlight valuable tips, and share with you how leveraging AI can completely transform how you spend your time and energy in your business, so you can save this blog post when you are ready to get going using the tool. 

If you’re still feeling skeptical, and you’re not quite sure why you even need to entertain another tech tool, here’s a few things to consider: 

Why Use ChatGPT for Your Business?

ChatGPT is a specific type of AI model designed for conversational applications. It can significantly boost productivity, amplify impact, and redefine purpose for your business. But you must remember it’s a machine and it’s a computer and there’s no feelings or human touch. So it can do 80% of what you need, but as the expert—the other 20% is up to you to know how to prompt. To get the response that you want you must know how to ask the right questions. 


ChatGPT could help you raise the bar. I’m all about acronyms to make it easy to remember things. When you go to a conference you’re inundated with so much new information on top of what you were already doing day-to-day so when you pack up and go home, what are your biggest takeaways from a conference? By listening to what others share with me I’m told this “I remembered your talk because of this song that you used and you make it easy to remember why I need to do something.”

So here’s the formula:

Boost Productivity: Automate routine tasks and free up time for more strategic activities.

Amplify Impact: Enhance customer interactions and marketing efforts.

Redefine Purpose: Shift focus to higher-value tasks by leveraging AI for everyday operations.

Now that you know the framework, let’s dive into how you can use it in your business internally with your team as well as externally with your clients.

Here are the top 3 Ways You Can Use AI for Your Business:


  • Marketing: Generate engaging content and streamline campaign management.
  • Communication: Improve internal communication with AI-driven tools even for emails. 
  • Saves Time: Automate repetitive tasks to increase efficiency.


  • Client Experience: Provide instant, personalized responses to client inquiries.
  • Design & Graphics: Use AI to create stunning visuals and design elements.
  • Connection: Enhance client relationships through tailored interactions based on behavior. 

Below are the most impactful takeaways from my talk (you may not know what they mean right now, but you will once we spend a little time together):

1. Prompting:

   – Definition: Instructions you enter into the AI's interface to get responses.

   – Translation: Feed ChatGPT a question or instruction, and it will respond as though in a conversation.

2. Framework:

   – Learn how to structure your prompts and interactions for optimal results by using one of the frameworks we have tested and used to get results. In translation: talk to ChatGPT like you’re talking to your BFF!

3. Thread Training:

   – Understand how to maintain context and continuity in AI conversations. ChatGPT is only as good as you know to make it so if you don’t like what you get out, you gotta put in better information. Oh and I’m not talking about Instagram threads here lol 

It's essential to strike the right balance between human expertise and AI capabilities. Trust your knowledge and use AI as a tool to enhance, not replace, your skills.

My adventure through Quindio and Cartagena was magical, and it provided a perfect backdrop for sharing how AI, particularly ChatGPT, can transform businesses. If you're looking to elevate your business with cutting-edge technology, reach out and let’s move forward together!  

Whether through a speaking engagement or a training, let's explore how AI can take your business to the next level. You can learn more about the expert subjects that can be life changing for you and others, click the button below or reach out by email at: 

And as a way to say thank you for showing up as a GSD Leader I want to share with ya’ll a complimentary ChatGPT prompt guide. Email us at: or DM us the words “prompt guide“ and we'll send it your way. This invaluable resource will equip you with the tools and insights you need to kickstart your ChatGPT journey with confidence.

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