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20 Jan

What’s Your Return On Time (ROT)?

It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to speak in Turkey at the IMWF conference. This was the best conference post COVID and it’s truly one of my favorite stages that I’ve ever spoken on.  The production team and planning company was so impressive! 

International MICE & Wedding Forum (IMWF) is a business summit that forms a colleague-hood of the best MICE & Wedding organizers, hotels, airlines and corporate brands in a sincere social ambience. It presents countless opportunities to interact and communicate within a cozy environment via panels and conferences, sensational parties, lunches, dinners and activities arranged by first-rate organizers.

IMWF purposefully binds innovative ideas with joint ventures of experts and opinion leaders from the industry. They create a network of long-lasting friendships with the business generators of the industry from all around the globe.

IMEventGlobal company is incredible! They’ve put on conferences all over the world and they have their shit together. They know how to GSD! The team is amazing.  From communication, production, audio, lighting, and more! It’s top of the line. Their hard work and dedication showed throughout.  From the decor, designs, the firework displays, flowers, food…everything was awesome!

Funny things I was reminded on this trip:

80 degrees cold! They had the heat on because it was winter there and you have to pre-order air conditioning for your room if you go. I was sweating the entire time! Until I met a friend who had air conditioning!
The elevator is the lift, and in the United States the lift is for handicapped people. I use that term in my vocabulary a lot because my sister’s in a wheelchair and is handicap. So they kept saying “a lift” but it means the elevator. 
Something I missed in the bathroom are tissues (Kleenex and Puffs) since they don’t use them and for sure when I go back I will bring my own!

My experience with IMWF all in all was indeed excellent! I’m grateful that I got to share it with my travel family, because they made it even more memorable! At the center of our travel family is Monica Balli, an amazing wedding and event planner from Italy. She really knows how to bring people together who belong together in collaboration. To have that many people traveling together, and have no drama at all!!?? I've never experienced anything like it. That is a true gift that Monica has. I love traveling with some of the top hospitality industry leaders around the world. It constantly pushes me to learn more about other cultures and gives me the opportunity to stay relevant on worldwide events for our clients. 

Love y’all!

Monica Balli of Monica Balli Events, Birna Hrönn and Eva Maria-Glimmer Lange of Pink Iceland, Brian Worley of Brian Worley Productions, Edgardo Zamora of Revelry Event Design, Frank Damgaard of Monte-Carlo Weddings, Frieha Altaf of Catwalk Event Productions, Monsieur Froonck of Golden Tiger Events, Bob Conti of Ed Libby Events, Meltem Tepeler of KM Events, Sam Sacramento of Sam Sacramento Photography, Sarah Young of Sarah Young Events, Gizem Kandemir, Janin Ergüneş, and Hacer Arslan.

04 Sep

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