Training: How to Consistently Create Content that Captivates Clients

Did you attend my training in May 2021: How to Consistently Create Content that Captivates Clients – Without Letting Social Media Take Over Your Life. It was so awesome y'all, this group of friends attended virtually together and I love getting feedback like this!

**So Many Great Tips! I am gonna watch some of it again on replay

**I love writing down the most asked question people have and planning to address them with content.

**Me too. Learned a lot. Mostly about myself and changes I need to make!

**Yes great things learned tonight. I really liked how she broke down blocking out time. I needed to hear all of this!

**Seriously guys. She DOES talk a lot lol! But I have worked very close with Angela for YEARS and she really knows what she's doing! She did NOT ask me to refer this. i saw that she was doing it and after talking with some of y'all last weekend, I just knew you could benefit from her expertise! I have called her my Yoda for years. Being around her you cannot help but soak up what she teaches or shares.

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