The Wedding Convention – Trinidad

Greetings Angela,

It was such a pleasure to make your acquaintance at The Banquet and Conference Centre, MovieTowne. I not only thoroughly enjoyed your presentation but was very inspired to go paperless and be more productive and profitable. Some of the apps you mentioned I already use but there were others I'd never heard of. I'm also fascinated by the True Colors methodology. Being an orange, I want to go through your presentation to learn about the other color types, their strengths and how having them around and/or being aware of them can help me build out my team and also deal with clients making their experience with Provocative Fitness a mutually beneficially one. I will be following you to see which of your multitude of offerings I can sign up for. I've been through and through your website, YouTube Channel and I love everything so much that I'm revisiting my own website to see what I can upgrade. I'm so much richer for having met you. Here's hoping that you continue to inspire those whose paths you cross. Thanks for your time and energy and here's hoping that your work in Trinidad was as fulfilling for you as it was for us who attended.

JC Blandin
Provocative Fitness

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