Rave: Consulting Client Elan Events

I had the pleasure of spending a couple days with Reima of Elan Events for consulting for business! It was such a fun process! Below Reima shares her experience. Interested in consulting for your business? Not sure which next steps to take? Click here for more info!

My coaching with Angela has catapulted my career several years. She helped me to close critical gaps and create awareness on subjects that my company was struggling with. Angela really understood what and where I was in the life cycle of my business. She strategically advised options on next steps and provided many solutions on how to grow my business based on my strengths  and interests. 

Her experience served as the breath of life my business needed. I was at a standstill and confused about what direction to take my business; which of my services to grow and which to drop. We discussed branding, pricing, “perfect clients”, and technology tools for efficiency and speed….

Angela was a great investment for me both professionally and personally. I know I will be back for additional training and time with her. I am so glad to know she is offering the new inner circle coaching. 

If you are serious about change. Need great advise and evaluation of where you are at in your business, Angela can help you get there! She did it for me and can do it for you! Happy building and great luck! 

Kind Regards,
Reima Abouarabi, Èlan Events Planning & Design

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