Rave: True Colors with Lovingly

I recently had the joy of working with an amazing company  out of New York called Lovingly. While working with them we defined many goals and touched on several topics, one of which is very important in every workplace as well as personal life, True Colors. We did a group True Colors workshop with their team and they were simply the best! Below is some of their feedback!

Are you looking for a way to help your team connect and use their strongest skills as individuals? True Colors is a simple and easy psychology methodology that I use internally and with all of my vendors and clients. If you are interested in a True Colors workshop for your team, click here!

*Thanks for setting up the session with Angela it was really eye-opening and will definitely help when it comes to working together! – Donna Rogan

*Thank you for investing in this professionally and personally. – Kierre King

*Thank you for helping us identify our truuuue colors! That was a really neat experience!  – Amy Nightingale

*Thank you so much for investing in each and everyone of us by bringing Angela to do the true colors workshop. I’m super excited to use the learnings in every day life! – Kait Schiller

*Thank you for investing in our teams emotional and mental growth by providing us training with Angela over the past week it is greatly appreciated! – Tiffany Putvain

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