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Raves Consulting

27 Jul

Consulting Rave: Making Connections

Love getting sweet emails like this: Hello Angela, I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your day on Thursday to talk with me. You gave me so much useful information to look into in my area and how to advance in the event industry. I also wanted to let you know..

03 Jun

Consulting Rave from ACS Roofing

When is the last time you updated your CV?  And if you have no clue what I mean, it's a fancy way to say resume.  If you are like me and own your own business, you probably don't think about keeping up with one of these.  I kind of keep my website up to date..

20 Mar

Rave: Focus, Focus, Focus

Thanks so much for your valuable time, advice, and support. The main thing I absorbed so much information and the most impactful thing I took from our meeting was one word.. FOCUS! It just hit differently when you said it. I'm more focused than ever and so excited.I have been using google calendar and I'm..

20 Jan

Rave: The Contract System

We love our consulting clients and especially love hearing this awesome feedback on how processes has helped them GSD in their business!! My company, Callie Elyse Events, has been using The Contract System for over 2 years now and it has proven effective time and time again. It covers my end of things and protects..

02 Jan

Rave: GSD Leader Bree Carroll

We love getting feedback from our amazing GSD Leaders as they level up in their businesses and make big moves towards their goals! Read below to see GSD Leader Bree Carroll share her journey! Angela,  You have no clue how much I appreciate you and the GSD Team. I've seen so much growth personally and..

18 Sep

Rave: Crushing Goals for Your Business

Take a look at this awesome rave from one of our amazing GSD Leaders! We love hearing feedback on how you are crushing your goals and elevating your business! Are you ready to elevate your business? Find out how! Hi Angela! I wanted to give you a quick update!  I am in SUCH better shape..

12 Jul

Rave: Go Paperless!

Going paperless is life changing! It may not be easy at first but it sure pays off! See below from one of our recent Go Paperless clients! I know you will be proud… I am traveling completely paperless even to a digital hotel key. Sometime you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!

05 Jul

Rave: Productivity Hacks with Jones Therapy

I had the honor of meeting with the team at Jones Therapy to introduce them to my latest, greatest productivity hacks! Some of which include time saving tips, email strategy, calendar tips, video texting and utilizing all of the resources in google drive and dropbox. Take a look at some of the feedback from the..

19 Jun

Rave: True Colors with Lovingly

I recently had the joy of working with an amazing company  out of New York called Lovingly. While working with them we defined many goals and touched on several topics, one of which is very important in every workplace as well as personal life, True Colors. We did a group True Colors workshop with their..

02 May

Rave: Podcast Guest

We loved being on The Big Wedding Planning Podcast with Christy + Michelle and loved having them on our podcast Business Unveiled. Such a sweet note from their visit to Nashville! You are awesome. Thank you so much for meeting us when we were in Nashville and fro dropping so much wisdom! We had a..